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Administrative practices for people living in Canary islands

Tailor-made services for your needs, to simplify your life in Canary Islands

We take care of all the documents and paperwork necessary for you to take up residence in Tenerife, Gran Canaria or the other islands of the archipelago. We handle all the documents necessary to apply for a N.I.E., buy a house, open a bank account, enroll your children in school, transfer your pension.

Consulenza Tenerife (Canarie)

Nie, Residency, Empadronamiento and Bank Account opening

We are able to help you and to support you in all administrative practices to apply for residency, Primary care doctor, for NIE or even only to open a Bank account. You will avoid mistakes that can extend the time of your issues and you will save time and money.

Pension Transfer

We are expert in transferring pensions here in Canary Islands. Thanks to our advisors we are able to give you an overview on your retiring position and the advantages you can benefit by transferring your pension here. Bureaucracy can be complicated, timing can be long so that we suggest to benefit from experts in the field.

Pensioni Tenerife (Canarie)
Serivizi assicurativi Tenerife (Canarie)

Insurance Services

We can provide you, through the best insurance companies available on the market, all the insurance services you could need. From the car or motorbike’s insurance to the one for your house’s or shop. From the accident policy to the health insurance, very important to establish residency.


Services for Documents translation

With our help translations will not be a problem. We can translate any documents from English to Spanish, German, French or Italian and vice versa. We can offer professional services of interpreting (Spanish, English, German) for any personal or commercial needs. Our goal is to always make you feel home anywhere.

Traduzioni Tenerife (Canarie)
Iscrizione a scuola Tenerife (Canarie)

Children school enrolment

In Canary Islands you can find the best local as well as international private and public schools. We can help you in the search of the most suitable school for your needs, and we can guide you to make sure your children have the most appropriate education. We will help you visiting the different schools, dealing with the enrolment, including the request for the necessary papers.



Death successions, Testament and Inheritances

Practices for death successions, last will and inheritances for Italy and Spain. For further info contact us!


Successione Tenerife (Canarie)
Immatricolazione auto Tenerife (Canarie)

Car and motorbike registration

If you decide to bring with you your car or motorbike, you can count on us to handle all the bureaucracy to change the car plate. We will help you solving all sort of problems by simplifying what to most people appears entangled.