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Real Estate Agency

We help you find the perfect home and we support your logistics when moving to the Archipelago

Casa Tenerife (Canarie)

Properties for rent and sale

If you want to rent or buy a house, our real estate, legal and tax advisors will help you in the process, so that you will not have unpleasant surprises. They will find the most appropriate property for your needs and will do the necessary controls on your behalf, so that the purchase can be a peaceful moment to share with the family instead of a concern. Our lawyers and accountants, with a strong expertise in the Spanish legislation, will advise you acting in your individual best interests.

Buying and selling business

If you are interested in opening or buying properties or start a business, our experts are at your disposal to help you in the search and in the evaluation of the most suitable business to meet your needs. We can help you evaluate different aspects, commercial as well as tax ones, offering a complete assistance in the writing up of the business plan too. We will lead you along the path from the research of the business to the final signature of the purchase contract.

Attività commerciali a Tenerife (Canarie)
Trasloco e spedizioni a Tenerife (Canarie)

Moving, Parcel shipping, cars and motorcycles

Moving your possessions from your Country or moving them here from a house to another one will not be a concern since we are helping you finding the most affordable and reliable companies to help you solving all kind of problems. We will support you in each phase of the process, managing on your behalf al the paperwork and giving you the opportunity of enjoying only the best of relocating.