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Organization of wedding and events in Canary Islands

Events and weddings to make memorable the best moments of your life

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Wedding planner

- only on the Isle of Tenerife -

If it is true, as J. d’ Hormoy said, that “True love is a path two people make through the light of a common ideal”, then marriage represents it at its best.

What place better than the Canary Islands to fulfill a dream? In a few hours flight from England and with excellent flight connections from the main European cities. An archipelago where there is only Spring and Summer, with charming sands and a natural environment that is one of the most beautiful in the world. Your guests will be enchanted and fun will be sure. We can organize everything for you and your guests with low costs, from the journey to the party, from lunch to accommodation.

Event organization

- only on the Isle of Tenerife -

Canary Islands offer plenty of opportunities for any kind of events. A close destination with great connections, modern facilities and beautiful landscapes, perfect for company meetings. The sun, the scenery and the mild temperatures throughout the year make your event unforgettable. We will organize everything for you, suggesting the best activities in different places: from the sea and the beach to the inland to the mountain or to lovely small villages.

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Personalized spanish course

- Only Tenerife South-

We organize personalized Spanish courses for all levels from basic to advanced.

Courses can be individual or in groups with a maximum of 4 people.